Wondering Why You Need This Planner?

To be honest I've been in business for over eight years. I've grown tired of carrying around a content planner, daily planner, a journal with my affirmations scribbled inside and anything else I need to keep me on track.

As I sat at my computer overwhelmed with planning my successful 2020 with all its glory and "clear vision" (at least that's what people are screaming all over social media lol!).

The thing is, my vision couldn't be less clear with my thoughts spread over four books I needed to keep me on track, motivated and goal-driven and accomplished.

Your good Sis was all the way OVER it! I pulled out some computer paper and began to draft what I needed in order to be successful, effective, STABLE, disciplined, determined and an outlet to keep my passion consistently fueled!

I dug deep within myself and from the fire created The Phoenix Planner! It is my prayer that just as I have, that you tenaciously arise out of every fire that may arise even more beautiful and creative! 

What Features Are Included?

  1. Your manifestation/declaration page for 2020

  2. 2020 Goals (Personal/Spiritual/Professional) w/Due Date

  3. Monthly Calendar

  4. Monthly Product/Service Offers

  5. Monthly Content Calendar

  6. Starting Your Day (Prayer, Scripture, Manifestation, etc.)

  7. Daily Priorities/To-Do/Email & Phone Correspondence Checklist

  8. Quarterly Goal Breakdown and Checkpoint

  9. Weekly Calendar

  10. "Who Gone Check You?" Monthly Prompts To Keep The Entrepreneurial Fire Burning

  11. Affirmations and Quotes For The Not So Fabulous Days


(Even Though This Cover Planner Design Is Ahmaaazzing!)